Saturday, October 13, 2007

Modern Henna Formulas for Hair

Looking for an ancient hair coloring?

Try this formula featured in our Henna Workshops:

What do you need to mix a simple henna paste? Not much! You’ll need a container, a plastic spoon, henna powder, and lemon juice. Keep stirring and adding the sour liquid. Some henna needs a lot of liquid, some needs less, so there’s no way to say “add precisely THIS amount of liquid.” Add whatever sour liquid you want to use, a little bit at a time, stirring it in. When your henna paste is a little thinner than mashed potatoes, you’ve stirred in enough sour liquid for a start. Cover the henna paste with plastic wrap, press out all the air, and let it rest for a while. Mix ingredients to make a thick paste. Leave overnight in plastic baggie for dye release. Apply evenly to hair and leave in for 2-4 hours, wrapping hair if desired.


For light orange/red hair:
1 Tbsp henna
1 Tbsp Amla
1 Tbsp honey
1 Tbsp apple juice
½ c. vanilla yogurt
120 grams henna
lemon juice
red tea (rooibos, or raspberry)
2 Tbsp ground cloves

For bright red hair:
100 grams henna
orange juice
slight dash of white vinegar
15 drops of tea tree oil
¼ c. paprika
100 grams henna
250 ml red wine
3 ½ capfuls tea tree oil
lemon rooibos tea
25 grams powdered pectin

For dark red hair:
100 grams henna
lemon juice
lavender water
strong black tea
100 grams henna
2 spoonfuls lemon juice
Madagascar red vanilla tea
1 capful dark green olive oil

For Dark Henna/Indigo hair:
Mix your favorite henna paste formula and set aside overnight. Mix indigo with water and set aside. Mix indigo and henna together and then apply to hair.

You can get other formulas like this by participating in our Henna Workshop the first Sunday of every month.

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